Sara + Corey Engagement Session

Engagement shoots are their own special kind of fun for me, I get to celebrate with a couple the promise that they made to each other.
Sara and Corey made it even better with their easy-going, fun-loving personalities. Corey and Sarah have loved each other since their college days and they are getting married in Roanoke later on this year.  I am so very pleased with how these pictures capture their love for each other and how sweet, genuine and hopeful they are. That’s the thing about engagement sessions, they mark the start of something big and great and long; this thing we call marriage. It’s important to relish the moment in time when you and your fiancé are just beginning everything.  Engagement sessions are about more than just the ring and making save the dates; they are about hope, the future and the promise to grow even closer in love.

When we first talked before the shoot, Corey and Sarah wanted a very local and “Richmond” feel. We took full advantage of some parks, where Corey proposed, and architecture that is iconic Richmond to me. This setting was the perfect backdrop for their personalities and very much captured the “now” of this moment. Who knows where life will take them? But here and now this spring in Richmond, they are young and in love and full of dreams for the future. That’s the makings of a darn good photoshoot if you ask me.
I’m honored to continue with them, in shooting their wedding this November!





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