Sam + Austin’s Scottsdale, AZ Wedding


The day started out like any other, beautiful sun rise, crisp refreshing breeze coming thru the cacti. Surrounded by classy cars our beast of an off road rig fit perfectly with a splash of contrast in the parking lot. Golfers heading in and out of Troon North Golf Club as we hoped out of Wazimu to take the pups for an early morning walk.



On meeting Austin (Groom) it was obvious right away that it was going to be an easy day. Not easy in the amount of work, easy in the attitudes of the bridal party, and the location. First introductions on a wedding day usually give foresight on how the day will unfold. Austins calm yet excited demeanor was exactly how the day was. The Groom and his groomsmen met with me while the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready with kourtney. The men spent the morning driving golf balls and enjoying lunch, while the Bride was prepped and primed everything ready for her big day.

















Because we are time limit free, most weddings I have a few minutes to myself to explore the venue, look for “first look” locations, if the bride and groom chose to, and set myself right for the day. Kourtney was able to join me on this as we were given a golf cart. Im going to pause there for a moment. Let me talk about Troon North Golf Club, not only is it a beautiful location but the staff left nothing to be desired. Most things we needed to ask for were provided before asking. Troon North’s wedding coordinator was wonderful, and responsive. Not only was the golf course beautiful with enormous cacti, rock formations, and one hell of a beautiful sun set. It also was the most welcoming and easy golf courses we have ever shot at. Pause over. Kourtney and I were able to steal away for 30 minutes to explore. It was a frustrating few days so it was much needed time to set ourselves right for the day. 

















As a newly married couple going on 4 years we try to consider what exactly is taking place on a wedding day. The decision two people are going to make on such a day is serious and wonderful, a quick prayer over the couple and wedding and then back at it. 

Bride arrives.

The intensity of the day always ramps up when the bride arrives. Samantha introduced herself to me with a huge hug and an apology for being late. An APOLOGY! Look Im not the guy who will feed into a bridezilla or even a rude bride, but for her to apologize on her own day is looney tunes. Samantha was a gem, she looked beautiful and much like her groom Austin they set the precedence for the day with such great attitudes. 








The first look was picturesque, nustled in between trees and cacti. Samantha read a note from Austin and then they had there first look. There time was brief but sweet. Kisses, “i love you’s”, and Austins stunned response to her in her wedding dress. 












After wedding party photos it was time for the ceremony.

I know i have brought up the beauty of the golf course, it may be Scottsdale in general, but it truly was beautiful. The sun was at full strength so graduated filters in place we shot straight into the clouds. Usually the sun is a pain when its that intense but the angle, elevation, clouds, and yes the cacti, all came together to create the perfect storm of wonder for the ceremony. It all came together. 
















Ladies and gentleman for the first time id like to introduce to you Mr. and Misses Austin Schafer.











First dances, and dinner. For whatever reason of which i was not aware dinner was behind and as Kourtney tells all our brides, be flexible on your day, the timeline does not have to be perfect. At the end of the day its your day, if the bride is late, who cares, if the bride doesn’t care dinner is behind, then no-one should care.  Samantha and Austin were nothing but smiles as they walked around talking with guests and enjoying the day. As i said, they set the precedence for the day. I cant say enough about the couple.









After dinner, mother son, father daughter, dances were supposed to commence but the dance floor erupted before they had a chance. The attendes much like the bride and groom were all great people with great attitudes. 30 minutes into dancing the father of the bride was ready for his dance and the dance floor cleared. 

After dinner and more drinks, Father of the bride took the time to make a speech. He spoke of laughter, love, and friendships. He also spoke of planes, trains, and automobiles and though the catch line and entirety of the speech was heartfelt and hilarious i cant honestly do it justice, so trust that it was good. 























The couple danced the night away losing very few attendees. Grandmother was on the dance floor most of the night and finished it surrounded by both families as the room honored family lineage and the couple of the day. With popcorn, drinks, and shuttles to the hotels, the night ended.

Throughout the entirety of the day Samantha and Austin showed such love for each other and such love for there families. We were truly blessed to be apart of there day. And Austin and Samantha, we pray you have a wonderful marriage, always go 100%, dont ever meet in the middle/ Always rush over to your partners side even when filled with frustration, and grow together in a world telling you to grow apart. We love you guys!


Venue: North Troon Golf Course

Flowers: MoonChild Floral co

Makeup: Makiaj Glam Squad 

You can see the full gallery at : Here 



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