Why Boudoir Matters

“It is my personal belief that a boudoir experience is something every woman should be able to do at least once in her life.  Yet I talk to so many women who simply don’t think they are sexy enough to do this or they believe they must achieve their “ideal body” before taking photos. This thinking is heavily flawed on two levels. The first is it assumes only the “ideal” body type deserves to be photographed. Secondly, every woman is sexy in her own way, to be vulnerable is very sexy. Anyone is pretty enough and sexy enough to do boudoir, the real question is are you brave enough? One of the biggest roadblocks for women is we are haunted by that ideal body we wish to achieve; the ideal body that is crammed down our throats almost daily by our culture. We all know it: slim but athletic, with large breasts that don’t droop and an ass that pops, but is not too big. Small arms, but not too small, with muscle definition and defined waist.

Just no.

The “ideal” female form is simply a ludicrous idea. Ideal to who? Who sets the standard for perfection? I say no one does. I believe all women are beautiful and sexy. Your body deserves to be treated as art. It is for this very reason that boudoir matters. It matters greatly to me that women get the chance to be photographed in a capacity not driven by the fashion industry or the marketing industry or even the male gaze. It matters to me when an unsure client walks away from a session feeling pampered and pretty and amazed at how gorgeous she looks in her pictures. This needs to be happening, if for no other reason than the fact that it gives you the chance to be brave and to express your sexuality in a way you may have thought was “off limits” to you.

The word boudoir simply means a woman’s bedroom or private dressing area. In other words, an area that she owns, it is her territory. That is what you get when you book a boudoir session; you get a chance to own your body and to embrace all that it is. The photos you get will be all yours, exactly as you want them, I will spend as much time as it takes to make you happy.

Why does boudoir matter? It matters because you matter; it matters because women deserve to feel comfortable in their own skin. Maybe you never have felt that way or you never thought you could look at an image of yourself, in all your glory and feel happy. Boudoir is a chance to do that. Many of you, if you do boudoir, will probably take them “for” somebody; a husband a fiancé etc. But with me, all the pictures are first and foremost for you. The experience is for you and the pictures will be authentically you and no one else.”
Stay Beautiful,