Dance, shots, “I do”, kiss, repeat.


Think of your favorite couple…

The people who always seem to be having fun with each other, who laugh and tease and compliment all day long. A couple whose love, energy and joy are infectious.



Now double that awesomeness and you’ll have Krysta + Travis. These two prove, once again, that my business is more about people than it is about anything else. I continue to be blown away by the people I get to work with. I am so stoked to be able to share these pictures with you!



I met Krysta and Travis at the Richmond Wedding Expo this year. Travis (her Fiancé at the time) and my husband, Trevor, found each other in the sea of lost boys at the expo.





They bonded over {insert some guy thing} and that’s how I met Krysta. I came away from our conversation feeling like I had just made a new friend not just met a potential client. This girl quickly became a favorite human of mine and I was giddy when she picked me to be her photographer. I had high expectations of the awesomeness of this wedding and I was NOT disappointed!


It was refreshing to spend time with two people who only speak well of each other and have fun together. They complimented one another perfectly. That, my friend, is a rare thing. I am lucky to know them.







Their wedding was overflowing with good food, good drinks and tons of dancing. One of my favorite things they did was mixed and pour each other a shot, toast, and kick it back… AT THE ALTAR.

I loved it. It was fun, it was suprising, it was very much Krysta and Travis.









This wedding was celebration city and I believe these images truly capture the love, the joy and the fun that was had that day. A part of me feels like one of the cool kids just for being there. Everyone in attendance seemed genuinely happy for these two, myself included. Their joy was contagious.



Krysta, I know you just got married and all, but save the last dance for me, ok?




– Kourtney














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