Jordan + Andy

“Easy like Sunday morning…” 

There is that time in everyday where the beasts of the night have gone to sleep and the beasts of the day have yet to wake up. The constant vibrations of man have yet to begin. Sounds of water rolling over the rocks, wind blowing thru the trees. The colors of the sky meeting the land as the cool night air gives way to a new day.  All this with a hot cup of coffee in hand. This truly is “easy like a sunday morning.”

Not every couple understands true love, “The stuff of fairytales” isn’t just for the big screen. But, once in awhile we come across a couple where they lift each other up. Andy supported his “to be” with constant encouragement and a splash of sarcasm to keep her laughing. Jordan was glowing as they both took direction so well. An absolutely wonderful couple to work with, and we very much look forward to being around for your soon to be nuptials. Congratulations you two, and to all the rest of you, enjoy the love these two have. 

PS: Thanks for the bottle of wine you two, we enjoyed it immensely while editing 














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